Don’t Be Fooled by Cosmetics Counterfeits!

We at Ikran’s Cosmetics know sometimes it can be hard to spot counterfeit products whether cosmetic or in any other aspect of life. That feeling that you have been tricked is not a nice one! And what is more, the product that you have purchased can have damaging effects on your health, talk about a kick in the teeth! This is why we have created this blog to warn customers about the dangers of counterfeit products, how you can spot them and the benefits of investing in good skincare products.

In 2018 Kenya imported around 15 million kilograms of cosmetics and if you add the sophistication of counterfeiters and the sheer number of products it can be hard to stop all counterfeit skincare products from reaching consumers.

Counterfeit beauty products are becoming increasingly common and according to statistics by Incopro, it is easy to see why individuals want to cash in on the cosmetics industry. By 2024 the market is expected to be worth $863 billion and with skincare products making up 36% of the market, counterfeit skincare products are a big business!

We do not want you to suffer the consequences of faulty skincare products.

The dangerous chemicals used to make counterfeit skincare products and what that can do to your body.

Lead is a very common ingredient in the production of counterfeit skincare products, in certain cases, it can be 19 times over the legal limit, this insane level of lead in your body can cause anaemia, reproductive issues, weakness, kidney and brain damage and even death, which no one wants.

Arsenic, also a common feature in fake skincare products is very deadly too and long-term exposure can result in thickening of the skin, darker skin, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, heart disease, numbness, and cancer, which is enough to steer someone away from counterfeit skincare products for good!

Mercury another dangerous chemical can cause issues with the nervous, digestive and immune systems, lungs and kidneys, and can be fatal, and if you thought it couldn’t get any more dangerous you are in for a shock, if you are pregnant it can cause complications with the development of the baby.

Other chemicals and dangerous items that can be found in counterfeit cosmetic products include copper, beryllium, cadmium, aluminium, cyanide, paint stripper, animal faeces, urine and bacteria. These unwanted items can have side effects ranging from swelling of the eye to skin irritations.

Another concerning aspect of counterfeit skincare products are where they are produced, the knock off cosmetics products are created in unsanitary and dirty warehouses which have no regard for health and safety and consumer care. These products are being created with the intention of making them as quickly as possible and getting them onto the market. This carelessness can create a host of problems when consumers apply counterfeit products to their bodies.

How to spot fake cosmetics products

One way to spot fake cosmetics is by checking the pricing, if you find the skincare product you love and think it is the bargain of the century there is a chance it could be counterfeit. Brand names have similar prices no matter where you shop therefore if the price is too low think again.

Another way to unearth a counterfeit is to check the labels on products. Fake cosmetics will have words that are misspelt, missing ingredients list, patterns that do not match and uneven fonts.

Products that come in poor quality packaging are a big red flag. Counterfeit products might also not fit in the box like they are supposed to and might contain mirrors and other items that do not fit either.

Lastly, fake cosmetics will normally have a chalky or thin consistency compared to their real counterparts due to cheap production. Also, cosmetics that smell overly chemical can be a sign that they are counterfeit.

Although buying counterfeit cosmetic products can be a cheaper alternative and can save you some money it is not worth the risks, the dangerous items that were outlined above can cause serious damage to your body, in some cases cannot be reversed and in severe cases can lead to death.

Therefore, I urge all the individuals reading this to be on the lookout for fake cosmetics, follow the tips on how to spot counterfeits and remember that when you buy authentic cosmetic products you are not only investing in your outer appearance but you are also protecting your health and your future!

If you have found this blog informative, why not share it with family or friends to help protect them too.

Take Care!

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