Pixi Retinol Jasmine Cleanser 135ml


Going beyond treating your complexion to the feel of luxury, Pixi’s Retinol Jasmine Cleanser not only removes impurities, make-up and dirt, but nourishes and refines your skin.

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Retinol Jasmine Cleanser is a creamy moisturising cleanser enriched with vitamin A (retinol), antioxidants and ceramides that removes all impurities for smoother, firmer and more radiant-looking skin.

The formula brightens and moisturises your visage, while retinol keeps signs of ageing at bay.



Use daily, or as often as needed.
• Step 1: Dampen your face and apply a coin-sized amount Retinol Jasmine Cleanser to your skin.
• Step 2: Massage the cleansing cream onto your skin in gentle circular motions.
• Step 3: Rinse your face with water or use a moist face cloth to remove the product.



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