Pre-Wedding Skincare Routine

If you have ever seen a bride-to-be in the last few weeks before her wedding, you’ll know that there’s an incredible amount of work that goes into that special day. The event lasts a few hours, but the time that goes into planning, organizing, and rehearsing can’t be measured.

On a day such as this, the last thing you want is your skin acting up. However, all the stress from wedding planning can lead to a breakout. While you can try to hide it with makeup, the best way to get flawless photos and look fresh and confident on your big day is to have a pre-wedding skincare routine.

Here’s how the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions 3-Step System can help your skin look smooth and blemish-free for your wedding.

What Is the 3-Step System?

The anti-blemish solution comes in a set of three different products that you need to use in a set order. One set can easily last for around four weeks, which means you should start at least a month before your planned wedding date. The three steps include cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing to clear your skin and prevent breakouts.

If you’re more prone to breakouts and have skin that takes longer to adjust to new skincare routines, you may want to start sooner to prevent any redness or irritation closer to the wedding day.

Step 1: Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam

The first product in the set is meant to get deep into your skin and take out the dirt and oil from your pores. You’ll notice a clear difference in the way your skin feels once your pores are unclogged. When you initially start deep cleaning your skin, you might notice that there’s a bit of irritation or even a mild breakout in the initial days. This is because the dirt and grime in your pores is coming to the surface and needs a little time to clear up altogether.

Oily skin leads to more acne, which is why the salicylic acid in the cleansing foam is so important. It reduces oil and cleans out your pores, so your skin feels tighter and perhaps a little dry. Don’t worry about the dryness, however, because you’ll be moisturizing in the last step. Use this how you usually use soap, by lathering up foam and applying it all over your face. Even though it’s only the first step, your skin will feel lighter and cooler after you wash the foam off.

Step 2: Anti-Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion

Now, on to the second step. This is an exfoliant, which is an essential measure when it comes to clearing out blemishes for good. Exfoliants clear out dead skin cells and make your skin look more vibrant. Once your skin is clear of dead skin cells, you’ll feel like your skin can finally ‘breathe’. This helps reduce acne breakouts in the future and also reduces blemishes.

Exfoliants are especially important when you have sensitive skin that can’t be cleared with a scrub. It’ll feel cool and icy, making your pores smaller and clearing out even more dirt. Use a cotton swab to dab this all over your face. When you open the product, you’ll notice that there’s a layer of powder that is settled at the bottom. Give the container a good shake before using, to mix all the ingredients together.

Step 3: Anti-Blemish All-Over Clearing Treatment

The final step is the clearing treatment for moisturizing, treating, and clearing your skin. It helps reduce any irritation you might feel from the chemicals in the first two steps and lessens redness as well. It also moisturizes your skin, but just enough to not make it excessively oily or clogged.

It’s light and absorbs right into your skin for a soothing effect, without the shininess or stickiness you usually feel with regular moisturizers. It’s especially helpful if you’re prone to oily skin, because your skin doesn’t need as much moisture as dry skin does. It’s easy to pour out too much when it comes to water-based moisturizers, so be careful to take out a little at a time and apply it with the tabs of your fingers all over your face. It’ll prevent any peeling or drying you may encounter in the previous steps.

Why Is This Skincare Routine Effective?

Having a proper skincare routine in the weeks leading up to your wedding prevents any unforeseen circumstances from popping up, literally. When you’re regularly keeping an eye out for breakouts, acne, and blemishes and going through a three-step process to eliminate oil and dirt, your skin is being thoroughly cleansed.

If you’re a long-time victim of acne breakouts, you’ll know that there are always a few signs that tell you there’s going to be a pimple erupting from your skin in the next few days. That’s because the oil and dirt that build up beneath your skin, inside of a clogged pore, don’t just build up overnight.

A breakout usually happens from inconsistent cleansing and exfoliating practices, which leaves your skin dirty and clogged for long periods of time and finally pushes it to breakout and leave blemishes right before your wedding day.

If you’re prone to breakouts during your period or from high stress levels, you’ll want to make sure you use a skincare routine throughout this time frame, to prevent any blemishes from remaining when it’s time to glam up for your big day.

Final Thoughts

leading up to your special day, take out a few minutes each day and address your skin’s needs. With three products that aim to (1) deep clean and take out dirt and oil buildup  (2)exfoliate and remove dead skin cells that hinder your skin’s shine and vibrance (3) moisturize and treat your skin, you’ll be focusing on every aspect of skincare in only one routine.

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