Eau De Toilette Vs Eau De Parfum

Shopping for perfumes can be confusing, not only do you have the daunting responsibility of finding one that you love but then you’re also expected to know the difference between EDP and EDT. The combination letters we find on our perfumes; these abbreviations stand for Eau De Parfum (EDP) and Eau De Toilette (EDT) both found in perfumes for Men and Women. Most of us have asked ourselves why they smell different or have found ourselves buying one thinking it is the same one you always bought but it smells lighter or stronger. To be fair, both style of perfumes are similar in ingredient but they carry different strengths in perfume oil. In our Blog today we will endeavour to help you distinguish the two types of perfumes so you have a better understanding when you are shopping for that perfect scent.

Eau De Toilette, Contrary to popular beliefs is not fake, this perception might come from the fact that it has a lower concentration level in perfume oil. It is a light perfume and it has a lower concentration level of 8-12% which makes it a little cheaper to buy than EDP. The word ‘toilette’ is French and it refers to perfume water women apply before going out, in other words, getting yourself ready for the day and freshening up. This reflects the nature of EDT as it is light, fresh and not in your face. It makes for good daywear and it will gradually fade during the day. Most people recommend applying unscented lotion on your body before spraying EDT to help lock in the scent and increase its longevity

Eau De Parfum, contains between 15% and 20% concentration of perfume oil and for that reason it is much stronger and it lasts longer on the skin, quite irresistible to anyone you might be trying to impress. EDP is found to be bit more expensive than EDT but you’ll find that you use Eau de toilette twice as much to achieve longevity because of the lower perfume oil content and you’ll get through the same-sized EDT twice as much as an EDP, so, you’re not really saving any money. However, with Male perfumes, designers tend to usually produce EDT or Cologne rather than EDP on their collection as most Male perfumes are strong anyway.

Simply put, they both have different uses and appeal to different consumers. Having said that, it’s always good to have both of them in your closet so you can switch between the two scents.

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